What is Space?

This post may be going to be more perplex as I will only bewilder your minds. Probabilities are infinite but conclusion is one. Yet, this series is entirely based on space and about its hidden mysteries that always compel us to think about, how we are limited in a world of uncertainty. But, sometimes more curious than sluggish behavior. Well, this is not my topic. So, we were talking about “What is Space?” We discussed in previous posts why space is indispensable for nature and why it’s existence is necessary? But, in this post I am going to discuss “What if space is not alone?” Yes, this sounds queer but this is not, may be you are surprised with this strange question, I know, but be calm because, as I mentioned there are infinite probabilities and this is one of them.

However, space is not alone as this perspective is not  only limited to some defined particles but also suffuses the empty part of space and that is, what we called “Empty Space”. There are infinite spaces with infinite probabilities as this concept also apply on “Quantum Suicide”. For consciousness or conscious being, there is nothing like dead or alive as both exist simultaneously, but define in a quantum pictures where conscious beings life exist in discrete manner or better to say in quantum life. Before his / her death he / she does not exist in quantum picture but after his / her birth space / universe allows her  / his to exist in quantum picture, but question arises if she / he does not exist before his / her birth then what will happen to future when she / he will die after his  / her successful life? Consciousness never die as we know, it is just similar like infinite universes those die but still alive inside weird womb of space.

Space, even is helpful for transferring consciousness to one space to another but, here we don’t know which kind of next space will be, may be without darkness or with? Above excerpt of dead or alive manifests how space replicates its images not once in a thousand or millions years but in every infinite tick of every quantum second that even never notice by conscious beings. This is helpful but again not for physical world as our world is designed in that manner where, what we look is elegant and fascinating but beyond this reality is not only real but patents us how we have to think about space’s biggest mystery that still face a problem by its elegant gift.

In my next post, I will discuss about the space’s replication. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks!

Image Source:Google Images 




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