Interview with Jyoti Patel

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Hello everyone. Today my guest is none other than my friend Miss. Jyoti Patel-  authoress and poetess. I am really glad that i am going to take her interview. Let’s find out more about her today. But at first, let me start with her introduction. 

IMG_5712Jyoti Patel is currently based in Hyderabad, a student, an ardent lover of western and classical music. She enjoys reading, writing, singing and painting.
She is a blogger, a poetess and has been a contributing poet and author to many anthologies thus, her passion & expertise in poetry and storytelling is very much evident in her first book ‘Sensation of a Soul.’
The book was published when she was only a girl of seventeen. Her second book, ‘The Mystic Soul’ published in 2017.
Jyoti is part of the organization ‘Yes I Am Happy’ which facilitates creative education for children from the unprivileged background.

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