New Survivors (AI Technology)

We have boundary conditions, but they don’t have because we make them and in our advanced technology, we never want to look back and proceed like a traveler who never wants rest as always be a restlessness.

Our existence on planet earth is older than our age of our planet earth. May be, numbers matter here but I feel number does not matter buy what matters is a creation that makes us so special and intelligent / consciousness beings in the entire universe (yes, we have so many civilizations that are advanced in many factors). In today’s world, we experiment on AI Technology (Artificial Intelligence).

In recent world, we have a little threat as we have natural calamities but along with this we have apocalypse of AI Technology where we trained robots to perform like humans and also program them like a humans behavior. Even these robots think like a humans and their brain works exactly like humans brain. Yes, this seems a beguiling concept, but this is not. Reason behind AI Technology is to trained robots because they are helpful in our future purposes whether for a domestic or for a intergalactic purposes. But, here we are forgetting something and that is their (robots) self thinking as they only think and behave what programmer feed. But, in future these robots might definitely working / thinking like humans and then we have a biggest challenge to protect our civilization. Yet, they perform each and every task but in future they have their dominant side and may be, suffuse the entire planet earth with robotic machines.

As we know, our existence is similar like an existence of robots as we are their creators and yes, our creators are also an engineer (ancient). What we observe now is only a AI Technology, but “What if AI Technology will become conscious one day?”

Image Source: Pinterest


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