DNA (A Musical Note)

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is a fundamental part of every conscious beings and still is a complex part of nature. Even nature was wary about it’s existence because it entangled with some of the mysterious forms of life and one of them is “conscious beings”. Well, DNA is important part in our biological system but, yet included in a mathematical form as it also wants to indulge in mathematical equations. DNA is a complex structure that describes the system of living beings where it (DNA) performs a well defined structure.

DNA, however is in a form of mathematical description (I epitomize DNA in a mathematical form) and it contains some well defined mathematical codes that still need to be decoded. DNA, we think is too old to estimate it’s life because DNA is not only limited with certain fixed years as it is too old than life of our planet earth. Then, question arises “how we can say that DNA was created on planet earth?” DNA is just like a musical notes as it has no exact explanation but, yet has numerous possibilities and we have “Undefined Statement of existence of DNA” which means DNA is a intrinsic code where some basic mathematical instructions build up and further generated “Logical definition of DNA” where it transform instructions to the entire region of conscious body (not discuss here, the difference between consciousness and body).

In DNA, singly codes, secondary codes, triplet codes, quadralet codes and even multiple codes generated smaller quantum information and this information is not limited to some few basic laws, but are highly increases up to fundamental laws where nature has it’s own smallest chip in a form of DNA.

Once you imagine DNA in a form of intrinsic codes, you will definitely find something that floats like an “information suffuse the hollow river”. Although, DNA code is whether came from another world or created in our planet earth no matters, but what DNA contains in it’s realm and which kind of information it contaminated with is still to be in a research field. Because, it is definite there is something that once decoded will explicility reveal the real creator behind DNA existence and also it’s existence and what we call a “musical notes” that produces infinite vibration with different taste.

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For further information read “DNA Codes”.



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