What if there is Nothing?

This post is all about “nothing”, yes this seems to be weird but this is. When you see / observe a world, you see something that is solid, liquid, or in gaseous form and your observation towards these given states are genuine and your perception, may be uncertain here because all these states are nothing but energy (but here this is not the case). We are talking on “Nothing”. Nothing that creates chaos and that still creates chaos for itself.

Reality, is a perception and time is another form of this kind of perception but when you talk about “Nothing” your perception becomes your absurdity as we are not sure about it’s geometry. We have lots of question regarding to “Nothing”. Is Nothing a weird perception? Does Nothing have it’s own geometrical property? Is there exist anything beyond nothing? May or may be not, but something definitely rise again a after nothing.

However, we are bounded with some philosophical confronts where we only consider “self” and beyond this “self” becomes “nothing” and after this “nothing’ become space (dark space). This a like a chain that never ends, some believe “cyclic process” like a “Oscillating Universes”. If “self” becomes space, then what about it’s existence? Is it came from some other kind of entity or remains uniform without any accelerating force? Some definitions are true for “uniform space” but some are not because, uniform space compels us to think on “static space” as space is constant and constantly moving (i.e. constant velocity). It’s something like a “liquid fluid” that constantly moves without affecting lower or higher regions of “liquid state”.

Affecting the other state inside ” liquid state” does not mean it (space) never moves with constant velocity but it manifests space never increases with it’s original state that is it’s given state and always adhering constant velocity. But, who compels it (space) to move from original state to “static form of velocity” is really a challenging question.

Although, we have still a lot of questions that should be answer in a actual form otherwise this would definitely absurd our shattered world.

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For further information read “Self”.


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