Is Space A Quantum Void?

I am sure, per-natal of the universe we have some well defined laws and principles for framework of our universe. I know many of us will have a doubt in their minds. If we say there were laws and principles before the birth of the universe then who made such elegant and complex laws and principles and why? Well, some of us believe in supreme force and some believe in science. Opinions are prior and we all believe on our mind whether it is worthy for us or not but we have a mind that permits us to think “within our limits”.

According to Philosophy, we are mere a being of curious and adhere some well defined mystery (already pre-defined). For science perspective, we are still a beginner and endeavor to understand universe: and space time. However, our mind is still a beginner, whatever we think and apply on our day to day life invigorate to our thoughts and values. Where we survive is a materialistic “perceptional world” and hence enhance our activities regarding to our professional works (whatever our fields are) really makes us above the realm of chuckles. In ancient times, our fates are completely depend on astromancy. But in this century, we have something different terminology and yes have some incredible mediums to understand our mind. We have lot of incredible and astounding technology that revolutionize the entire world.

However, let’s come on our topic, well this is going to be eerie, perhaps, I am not considering space in its indigenous abstract but endeavor to find some of its intrinsic character. Our questionnaire is in our own mind, nevertheless, a part of natural activities also but intensely depend on our inceptive thoughts. Well, when we are talk on concept like space. Yet, space is like a vexation for everyone but if one endeavor to understand its geometry then it would be quiet as candid like bread. It’s time for us to have little interference amidst quantum world and macro-world. Now a days, we are scratching our heads not because we are in perplex world but why we are not understanding nature in an intrinsic way.

It’s all about the nougat with space as our experience bafflement here, nevertheless we feel obscure but sometimes might bewilder our mind. Something trouble us here, why we are always in a silent myth of micro world that only manifests the (energy levels) of electrons (atoms)? Yet, we are not sure little about space and why space exist: not critizing a theory of strings realm but a coomon question that put a little confusion in mind, although a need of some Well defined theoretical model, as we know a “Standard Model” but beyond this model we have something that we are missing and what is that, a question that blow our minds?

Generally, as per our current technology, we are a being of complacency atleast for philosophical perspective rather than mathematical model as we have our own “Time” and yes “Space” too. But existence and how to allow our mind to think, instead of thinking on space is nothing but a “Quantum Foam” , “Virtual Particles” (Yet not comprehensively proved), “Space time Continuum” and some other prescribed theories in a book of spells: for only fiction purpose, if we accept our own cogniton’ we are rather going in a mesh of absurdity where one left his / her hope and find some little hope and some others find themselves in a detrimental place, a long journey and still no end. What if end still a beginning for us (not us but for all creatures / living beings).

Yes, you are right. I am talking about the beginning and end of space, this might leads us to the world of infinity but still as a traveler we have to explore its enigma. So, let’s begin with existence of space and why space is so indispensable for us: not for us but for itself? Space as we know is a quiet place and quite a quantum fluctuations. Somewhere it is so dense that we have to struggle for time and even space from where there beginning is. Sometimes, it becomes so dark as we consider it a dark energy (a mysterious energy, well not sure this is quite a energy or something else) but this is so weird as we consider it is a spatial or have an eternal affect (something you mut consider a space is a sphere where some causes are from outer sphere, eternity affect on it). Ok, if we are right here, then we assume space is a sphere and some spatial or eternal affect renders it a energy or other forces in nature. Question here is our thinking is right for assumption here but our way to observe or see space is not right and we gonna do a mistake and trap ourselves here inside its crushed womb.

Mistake, in the sense means we are considering space a “hollow sphere” like atom’s nucleus, because both are adequate here to fulfil their equivalent process but forget how space is hollow even if it has matter in it? Are we going to do a little engineering inside atom’s nucleus so as to describe it a “Hollow Nucleus” even mass has its affect on atom / atom’s nucleus (if we not considering electromagnetic field around atom)? Suppose, if atom doesn’t exist and even matter then what we have at this time: only a EM Field or “Quantum Fields” or even better “Quantum Void”? Yes, this sounds like to kidding with our own mind but this is a fact if we are in supposition.

Answer of the above question is, may or may not as we are in trouble because “where there is equivalence theory, trouble becomes strong even so strong its potency abolish the root cause of beginning and end also”. Answer somewhere dwells in quantum space that exists simultaneously and its existence depemd on how much energy it has (don’t depend on virtual particles) and how much energy it sustain (for time’s perspective). Here, we can say this might be our false sense of mind (considering both mind and sense a uniqur property): and also might be a region of low and higher energy levels of space that transforms energy into a EM field and this further divides its branch and we have particles with magnetic field and particles without magnetic field: those particles have MF have impact on their own fields and those are without even struggle for their own field and mass here becomes invisible and what we see a half space’s density / region and other is our mind’s limitation. That may creates some low regions of space and we today call it by giving a name of “Space”.

Well, it’s just a beginning and perhaps an end of beginning. But, we are sure oneday we would be able to find atleast some proofs on space and then would able to understand our mind as well as void of quantum space.

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