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Mind Or Self?


A more to be come and more to be lost, an incredible journey that resides inside little thought, may be hard to imagine but still a way to define the prescribed journey and what we call “Mind”. A thoughtful but weird imagination where dreams dance, a lavish reality and inside it, what remains is void like space.

Here, in this article there is some unique questions regarding to the  existence of mind as this is not a mind’s concept, but rather a concept of individuality. In our life, we are facing a mind related problem and we are not sure whether mind exists or is a dreadful dream. Still, a lot of confusion here, “self” a concept about thinking and self-existence which needs a correct perception about mind. Generally, we see this absurdity in mind-body problem where mind and body is a subject and they both perform different tasks. For mind, it performs such actions like feeling, pain, emotions, thoughts and for body perspective, atoms, neurons, matter are responsible for the body’s performance.

The mind-body problem is further divided into two sections one is materialism and second one is dualism. In materialism, we are physical object and in dualism we are a part of soul. or it is better to say a soul object, and a part body). But when we go further, we ask ourselves, “Who we are?”, if individually then “What am I?” sometimes call this “personal identity”. But what is personal identity and how we understand it explicitly?

Personal Identity, is way to endeavor the study of beings i.e. persons as most philosophers called this. In personal identity, we have questions like “What am I?”, “What will happen when I die?” “When did I begin?” and much more. These questions raise a big problem while facing a problem of personal identity which then define as “Self” (sometimes, it is related to person or being). Again, self creates a chaos and we are not sure what exactly self is. Is this a void or something that never have it’s own existence? For instance, suppose we have two persons let it be A and B. Somewhere, unfortunately person A dies, then what will be the reaction of person B. For person B, person A dies and there is nothing left. But, what for person A? Is person A feels that reaction as person B feels? Yes, may be but not sure whether this will happen or not.

For person A, he / she dies but when we talk about it’s existence in terms of thoughts then where his / her thoughts become self as there is nothing behind self and there is no “self”, if avoid the existence of “void”. Person B, here experience a death of person B, here experience matters whether pragmatically or have a understanding. But for person A, there is nothing that cherished his elegant way to space and feel he / she dies, but still thoughts exists that are the real cause of the existence of mind and then mind will become one with “self” that mind always is unique and one so as to alive even after death as research claims thoughts never dies just like soul. Well, chaos here at least we are at the verge of technological world where body matters if there is no body then how one would be able to perform such tasks that seems enigma for mind as well as for understanding the concept of dualism that stuck the monism as well (Monism, will discuss in next chapter). So, mind is indispensable whether in a form of soul or in a form of body but we need both the concepts without relying on weird existence as “self is a understanding that never dies with death”.

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Article on Mind Or Soul?

A relation between mind or soul? An essence on mind-body and self problem.



What is time?

What is time? And why it exists? First we have to understand, time is not an entity or any kind of force but an medium (as I said in my previous posts) and further we move forward time is not confined with single or individual object but is universally medium. In this post, I will discuss on time’s perception our mind.

Time is medium and is responsible for everything to move past from present and present from future. But in recent theories especially in String Theory “Universe is Hologram” where past, present and future exist simultaneously and we have 3 Dimensional

  • Universe, where faces are clear just like a mirror. But we are still uncertain, is this possible past, present and future exist simultaneously and how past, present and future exist in certain confined box where one considers “wavelength and frequency” is same and where objects decide how to move and where to go (uncertainty)?
  • The answer of the above statement is in “uncertainty principle” and where we find how one cannot measure both momentum and position of a particle (in case of microscopic level / world). Time never exist and is not independent or dependent on something (say objects or space) but “space and matter” both are responsible for existence of time and hence are generating individual fields especially in case of “dark matter and in space particles (yet to be a hypothetical concept). Then it is easy for space to allow it’s own identity to move where it wants and matter in it (that also a part of space) moves. Then, we have a synthesis of matter, space and particles, so we create or define a time in a form of three components (matter, space and particles). But, why this is so indispensable for any object to move with certain time (as usually we observe on earth or any other planets)?

I will discuss in my next post. Thanks!

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A short poem on Light 

He tries his best,

But never imagines,

Where he finds nothing,

Where he finds his self

Somewhere in a darkness,

Somewhere in an uncertain world,

He reflects his mind,

Where his thoughts become shattered

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Space Without Creator

# What if space exists without creator and what if mathematics even failed to give a chance for its existence?

# Is space only a entity or just a stuff for other matters like universe, galaxies, planets, stars, asteroids, meteorites, and many other things into space?

# Is space came into its existence without any creator and also without any cause?

# If there is no cause for dark space then God even is in uncertainty to find the real truth behind dark space?

# How one imagines space without any cause as there are lots of stuff inside it?

# Then there is another possibility for space existence and that is “Probability” where there are lots of chances for space to exist but probability even cannot solve the problem of its existence why, why, why, why, why, why, why space needs existence even if it confirms its uncertain existence.

# Space still is a mystery because no one knows, is space a creation or space is a existence what differs the most is the relationship between “Existence” and “Creation” because it is difficult to envisaging who came first along with space “Existence” or “Creation”?

# Space is definitely a perception about nothing but sometimes seems like a perception of bounded verges, but one thing is sure space is “what it never defines itself until one reveals its core”.