Quantum Suicide

Quantum Infinity, may be this term bewilders your mind but you are right this concept will definitely perplex your mind. “Quantum Infinity” increases the probabilities and hence opens those ways that are still in a chaos world.  “Quantum Infinity” associates with the “Quantum Suicide” and also perform it’s task like a “Quantum Suicide Thought Experiment”. […]

What is time?

Space, why we need space? And why time integrates with space to give a birth of unimaginable space time? But, are we sure this is too weird or just an imagination of our mind? In this post, I will discuss “Space”, not matter yes this seems like queer but this is. However, let’s start with […]


# Aristotle was a Greek Philosopher and Scientist born on 384 BC. # He consider the versatile person as his writing includes physics, metaphysics, logic, biology, zoology, ethics, poetry, aesthetics, theater, music, linguistic, politics, government and constitute the first comprehensive system of Western Philosophy. # He received his education in Plato’s Academy at the age […]