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Space time (Mirror of Darkness)

# We know space time itself create a medium for everything whether it is universe, galaxies, stars, planets and many other things into it (space).

# But we forget why time (that is medium) exists and why it moves as there is no reason for its acceleration?

# Is time really moves or is a myth as it already exists without separating anything?

# Is time defines the well defined geometry of universe so as to create certain mediums for universe?

# Is time a medium for objects and hence space time relatively forms “Accelerated Particles”?

# Space time is not the ultimate destination for particles, this is a platform where everything resides but never cross their limits.

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Is Relativity Solve The Mystery of Dark Space?

# General and Special Relativity are one of the building blocks in Physics.

# Albert Einstein described these two strong concepts in physics as well as in nature.

# He relate space with time and consider a unique entity i.e. one.

# According to him, curvature of space time bends and is the real factor behind the  gravity’s concept as said by Sir Issac Newton (why objects fall onto the surface of earth).

# He also worked on “Theory on Everything” but at that time he was not best with his health and never complete this problem.

# But is relativity is sufficient source for conscious beings to understand dark space and hence has able to understand why space is relative with matter instead of the concept “Itself”?

# Is gravity a part of dark space where everything seems like a crunchy matter and what the matter did to unfold its geometry?

# Is relativity define how space does not exist as it quantum mechanically conflict with general relativity and always opposes the special relativity?

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Beginning Within Infinity

Sometimes posts are unable us to picture the exact meaning of sentences that we mention into it because sometimes we rely on inference and sometimes we are based on  cognition, experience and some other general facts. When we discuss about history we are literally able to give our views on it and when we talk about technology we become more and more aware to look what will come next may be the fabulous kind of technology we will see in coming years.

# But when we talk about space “Dark Space” our dreams, cognition, experiences, inferences, our true doctrine about space become shattered. We even do not want to think what exactly space is and why it exists? Somewhere we shattered our dreams without left our incredible technology.

# Reasons are many but solution is one. We are still facing lots of problems related to space. When we think what exactly it is we become more philosophical and say that it never exist because it cannot be achieved with some glorious stars onto our beautiful shoulders. Aristotle once called space a “Tabular Rasa” where nothing is attain and “Jaina concept” also said about ether and hence cannot be attainable, if so then where is the beginning point of space and space itself looks like a geometry but without having any exact geometry neither be a flat, curve, rectangular, square, circular and many others.

# Is space really a formless entity or this is better to say “entity” as it (space) itself creates chaos composition of comprehensive geometries?

# Space is what it only defines itself and when we want to go for its verges, it treats like that it has a beginning and one never attain its real side of darkness.

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# Archimedes of Syracuse was a Greek Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer, Engineer and Inventor and born on c 287 BC ( where c represents circa)

# He anticipated in modern calculus, analysis to determine the infinitesimal and also prove some geometrical theorems such as area of a circle, surface area, volume of a sphere and area under parabola.

# Syracuse is the birth place of Archimedes so why we called him a ” Archimedes of Syracuse”.

# He was the first to measure the accurate approximation of “Pi”.

# He was the master of geometry and hence solve various theorems.

#Archimedes best discovery was that problem which he faced as one day when he was in his tub and taking a bath, he noticed when he got in, the level of the water rose up. Then he realized that this method could be used to determine volume of a crown  ( as according to Vitrivius, King Hiero II of Syracuse who supplied a pure gold  to be used and asked Archimedes to determine if it is a silver that had been substituted for honest).

# This law was / is also known as “Hydrostatics” or “Archimede’s Principle”.

# He was / is known for his mirror reflecting “Heat Ray” as he used this method for  Roman ships so as to burn their ships.

#\sum _{n=0}^{\infty }4^{-n}=1+4^{-1}+4^{-2}+4^{-3}+\cdots ={4 \over 3}.\;

The “Quadratic Equation of Parabola” where area is enclosed by parabola and the straight line is 4/3. times the area of the corresponding inscribed triangle.


The area of a parabola  segment in the upper figure is equal to 4/3 and the inscribed triangle is below.

The area of a parabola segment in the upper figure is equal to 4/3 and the inscribed triangle is below.

# On “Field Medal” (which is a honor for Mathematicians to receive this medal), Archimedes portrait carries on it.

# He was / is consider to be the one of the greatest and legend scientist of all time.

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# Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with shape, size, relative position of figures and properties of space.

#Geometry was first started in 6th BC in a Mathematical Science.

# Geometry was first introduced with axiomatic form by Euclid.

# We have lots of contribution in geometry whether it is from Europe, Asia, or from other country.

# Geometry has various forms such as plane, manifold, surface, angles, curve, lines, axioms, points.

# Geometry was / is consider as the one of the building block for entire universe, particles, space and even it manifests its presence everywhere.

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# Space considers to be a three dimensional extent and that is boundless where objects and events are relative.

# Sir Issac Newton considered space as independent and is  permanent whether there was / is any matter into space.

# Space considers to be a three dimensional Cartesian coordinate system and is used to indicate positions in space.

# Natural Philosopher “Gottfried Leibniz” said that space is a collection of relation between objects and is given by their directions and distance from one another.

# In Non-Euclidean Space, space is considered to  be a curved rather than flat and even Albert Einstein’s “General Relativity” expressed space around the gravitational field and hence deviates Euclidean space.

# Philosopher Immanuel Kant developed his theory of knowledge in which space is both a priori and synthetic.

# Albert Einstein even considered space and time as a single entity and later know as “Spacetime”. In his theory, speed of light in vacuum is same for all observers.

# Carl Friedrich Gauss was the first to investigate geometrical structure of space and even Henri Poincare a physicist also have a futility to attempt to discovers which geometry applies to space by experiment.

# But what exactly space is, not a question but why it is, is a question that synthesis all entire forces?