A definition about envisaging mystic probability without knowing, from where existence came from?


Space, why we need space? And why time integrates with space to give a birth of unimaginable space time? But, are we sure this is too weird or just an imagination of our mind? In this post, I will discuss “Space”, not matter yes this seems like queer but this is. However, let’s start with…

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This post is all about that “Field” that has never be detected and yet is a hypothetical concept. This kind of “Field” is particularly describe with structure of space and yes it it related with every laws and principles. This “Field” is almost like a probability and what it’s best essence on space is, it applies…

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A Short Poem On Electricity. Finds everything, Yet jettisoned itself in a dark world, No one there to rejuvenate dumb world, But still live forever. Image Source: Google Images